Economic Analysis

S2O, through our work as designers and consultants, has seen a growing need for business and operations planning for whitewater parks.  Our clients seek a knowledgeable consulting team that understands the business model, design and construction implications, and ongoing operational concerns prior to building a park.

Our Business and Operations Planning team, led by Phd candidate in economics, Will Peterman, creates a sound business model prior to beginning design. This business model was used to drive the design process at the US National Whitewater Center in Charlotte, NC ensuring efficient and profitable results once the operations team took control of the park. Currently the mammoth USNWC is the world’s largest and most profitable whitewater park in the world.  Sound business and operations planning on the front end led to sound decisions during the design process to create this uniquely popular and profitable facility. The USNWC is the only whitewater park ever designed to pay back its initial construction costs.

Our team’s analysis of other park projects has driven financing and master planning changes that will, in the long run, create parks that are not only beautiful and extremely functional, but also increasingly profitable.  Our team’s ability to generate reliable statistics such as payback period and rate-of-return on investment (ROI), as well as to analyze and optimize profit centers and to design for profitability, allows us to create parks that help developers attract, finance and sell in the housing, retail, resort, and entertainment businesses. The insight that these models provide is unparalleled inthe whitewater park industry and has been evaluated by over 20 banking and lending institutions! If you want to get your park funded, you need this model!