Conceptual Design

For many communities that are specifically seeking a whitewater park the Concept Design and Feasibility Study is often the first step. This task is a low-cost, first brush effort that gives the client specifically what they need to get their project rolling within their community. The study begins with a site visit, kick-off meeting, and site inspection. This first trip often includes meetings with local officials and/or a presentation about whitewater parks at a public meeting or City Council meeting. The deliverables for this initial study include a conceptual design study and conceptual cost estimate as well as a report that details information gathered and design decisions that were made. These deliverables give local paddling groups the information that they need to go forward with regards to the look, layout and functionality of the park as well as the costs and steps required for implementation.

Want to read a case-study about a project that has completed a conceptual design (Link)