Whitewater Parks Design Overview

Design is a process.  At S20 we treat each of our designs as an expression of the site, the client, the client’s vision, and the people who will come to see and use the park.  Our design process is a learning process where we work with the client to understand the purpose, the objective, and the target audience.  This process includes understanding the users, the business model, the site constraints, and the client’s adjacent and complementary uses.

S20 is the industry leader in the use of high technology.  Our 3D modeling and visualization software help the client understand the look, the layout, and the function of the design.  Similarly, our advanced analytical, one-, two- and three-dimensional flow modeling ensure that the park works well on the first try.

Our technologies are so good that, in many cases, we are asked to redesign parks that have been poorly designed by previous design teams. It is the strength of our team and our abilities that have made us the “go-to” team for the world’s most demanding whitewater parks.

To Learn More About the Design Process:

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