In-stream projects are often subjected to detailed review by government agencies and typically require a host of permits to be completed. S2o often works with a local environmental/permitting expert to pursue these permits which can include:

US Army Corps of Engineers:

  • 404/401 Clean Water Act


  • LOMR


  • There can be a host of local permits that vary depending on the community in which the project resides

The permit process can often be the biggest “speed-bump” to project completion. S2o focuses its design efforts on permit requirements from the start of the project in an effort we refer to as “Design for Permitting”. This effort includes working with local permitting authorities including the USACE, Fish and Game and other key elements of the review process to establish design criteria and management objectives and priorities. In so doing, the S2o team is able to efficiently create compliant designs that act to improve in-stream habitat and transport and to restore and protect key elements of the riparian zone.

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