Preliminary Design

Preliminary design is the first targeted effort at specific design elements. It begins with a public process element in which S2o designers work with you, the client, and with other stakeholders and the general public to determine project objectives, opportunities, and constraints. While the public process elements continue S2o engineers also work with local permitting authorities to determine design criteria—usually based specifically on a particular drainage and its management objectives. S2o then defines the engineering constraints and begins the nitty-gritty of analyzing and modeling the proposed Whitewater Park. The design and engineering process is often iterative: our designers work to define two or three designs that the client and stakeholders then evaluate. S2o then works to take the best parts of each of these designs into a single “preferred option” that is analyzed and designed to meet the project requirements. This preferred option, once approved, is input into Civil 3D (an AutoCAD software) and preliminary design documents are created in anticipation of applying for permits.

Other tasks that are typically accomplished as a part of preliminary design include:

  • Detailed bathymetric survey
  • Wetland delineation
  • Creation of a baseline HEC-RAS model
  • Creation of a proposed design HEC-RAS model
  • Flood analysis
  • Alternatives Analysis

Tasks that are sometimes required during preliminary design include:

  • Creation of a 2-Dimensional river model
  • Other, targeted, studies required by permitting authorities
  • Physical models
  • Economic Impact Analysis
  • Business and Operations Modeling

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